Driving cars flew to Prague call coffee cup (Video)


A propeller plane assembled in Prerov (Czech) received licenses to participate road and the first designer Pavel Brezina Prague do is to drink a cup of coffee.

Lái ô-tô bay đến Prague gọi tách cà phê (Video) Lái ô-tô bay đến Prague gọi tách cà phê (Video)

Gyrodrive models equipped with an electric motor allows moving vehicles such as cars on asphalt. Fuel is also very normal: Natural gas 95. Compact Gyroplan, easily put into garage.

With a maximum speed 180 km/h, Media Consumption 15 liters of gasoline for about 100 km. Helicopter own a Rotax engine, but when moving on the ground it does not use other engine allows developers speed too 40 km/h. Flying car meets all other requirements for transport, example, headlamps are arranged in place.

All have helped the helicopter registered as "special motor vehicle", is allowed to move from the airport and back. To drive the helicopter needed by B and by pilot.

"I am passionate about flying. Only a bit of a hassle than driving: it is to find parking and refueling, select accommodation to eat on the go. Need to adjust a bit the use of this vehicle and all problems easily handled. We have studied to the gyroplane suitable for road traffic. My dream is to fly to Prague cup of coffee on Wenceslas Square. Perfectly legal, by devices allowed to fly and flying off the road,»- Pavel Brezina wrote on the Facebook page.

Gyroplane had trouble on the road: Police too surprised and blocking "car" of the inventor. But as Brezina said, drive and put everything he had made the dream: Wenceslas Square to drink coffee. Now he'd have a chance to fly to London with family.

Flying cars will be introduced at the exhibition aircraft in Germany in early April.

according to Sputnik

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